MONO – Kompani Haugesund / Mia Habib

Mia Habib’s work, Mono, performed by Kompani Haugesund, lives up to its title. The stage and costume designs are uniformly pale blue and appear comically sterile, perhaps staving off a viral outbreak. Covered from head to toe, eyes included, in blue lycra jumpsuits, the dancers blend into their surroundings and are shut off from the world around them. The live music element recalls garage bands from analogue days, a rare example of a very human hand in the performance, contrasting the individual creatures on stage who are largely unempathetic, apathetic, sporadically aggressive loners. In this void the dancers’ actions are without purpose and each one references an eclectic mix of popular images and recognisable gestures, ranging from superheroes to sex acts, crawling to amok. The audience is tricked into applauding mid way through the work, only to have this applause rejected, which could be seen as a metaphor for the entire performance. Habib’s baby blue monster is a refusal, although I’m not sure of what.


Published by Aerowaves Springback, 19 April 2015. See:

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