Idiot-Syncrasy – Igor and Moreno

Idiot-Syncrasy’s creators, Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas, stand centre stage and observe the audience before breaking into song. The performers build up to a crescendo with their heels marking the beat, accumulating energy until they begin to bounce, in unison, making their way through the space. Igor and Moreno do not employ this repetitive bounce motif to achieve a transformative state, instead it takes a backseat to their informal and fleeting encounters with individual spectators. This endeavour climaxes when they bop through the seating area and distribute bottles of liquor and plastic cups, confusing the common viewer/performer relationship. To the detriment of the work’s final phase, the endearing social interaction also distracts and detracts from the performers’ subtly fading presence and movement dynamic. In the concluding moments of the work Igor and Moreno’s rhythmic exploration of the space morphs into grounded twirls and shuffles; finally finding peace and each other, their gazes soften and arms entwine.


Published by Aerowaves Springback, 19 April 2015. See:

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