EXCERPT // b.24 – Young Soon Hue, Marco Goecke & Amanda Miller (Ballett am Rhein)

[Young Soon] Hue’s Illusion remained true to neoclassical conventions, communicating an abstract narrative by means of expressive gestures and a movement vocabulary that was predominantly a variation on classical forms. Dancer Yuko Kato, who features throughout, opened the evening in a brief solo performed with quiet precision, lit by a spotlight. A male solo followed, also dancing in the confines of a spot, emphasising the estrangement of the two lead figures. Contrasting the simplicity of these opening moments, the continuation of the work is dominated by group scenes, 25 dancers strong, performed largely in unison.
The numerous chapters of the work represent various ‘worlds’, supposedly shifting back and forth between reality and the past/dreams/the surreal. In depicting these differing worlds, the dynamic of Hue’s choreography remains largely unaffected. Instead, these developments are visible in numerous costume changes; pointe shoes are put on and removed, female dancers exchange green dresses for blue ones, men remove their shirts, or put on a skirt, etc.


Excerpt of an article published by Dance Europe, Issue 197, July 2015. Purchase the entire issue here: http://www.danceeurope.net/store/issue-197

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