Australian Book Review Masterclass

Thanks to Australian Book Review, which, following a writing masterclass led by its editorial team, offered me the coveted opportunity to contribute a review to the forthcoming December issue. ABR writes, “[t]he most recent masterclass concluded on August 20, just as we were going to press. All the participants are encouraged to submit a review or Op-Ed piece for consideration by the editorial team, so that we can award two paid commissions. As happened last time, the quality was so high we ended up tapping four PhD students: Merav Fima (Literary and Cultural Studies), Luke Forbes (Theatre Performance and Music), Christine Lambrianidis (Theatre Performance and Music), and J.R. Burgmann (Literature and Cultural Studies) […] We look forward to publishing this talented quartet in coming months.”

See ABR‘s “News from the Editor’s Desk – September 2019” here.