The journal article “Sara Shelton Mann: In the Presence of Action”, orchestrated by Anya Cloud, Karen Schaffman, and Sara Shelton Mann with research and editing assistance from Luke Forbes, was recently published in Contact Quarterly.

Sara Shelton Mann grew up in rural Tennessee. At age 17, arts, politics, and culture collided for her under one roof at Shorter College in Georgia. “I was just a southern hick running away from the people I grew up with. Franziska Boas, a queer German-Jewish woman, a professor who was wanted by the Ku Klux Klan, was my lifeline.” At the advice of Franziska, Sara moved to New York City with $500 in her pocket to study with Alwin Nikolais in order to become, as Sara calls it, “a complete professional.” And she did. At the age of 74, Sara is a blazing force; she is actively and ardently researching, choreographing, performing, and teaching.

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